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   What is Corolla, and why the name? A few of my internet friends have asked me this question, so here is the answer.
  When I was a very young christian, I was on vacation with my wife and family in the "Outer Banks" of North Carolina. We had been vacationing in North Carolina for many years and always stayed in the towns of Nags Head, and Kitty Hawk.
  This particular year (1981), We went for a visit to a very small beach town about 25 miles north of Nags head. The town was Corolla. We decided to attend the local non-denominational church for the 2 Sundays of our vacation.
  Well, the message of salvation and "revival" style of preaching that I heard and witnessed for those 2 Sundays just lit my soul on fire for our Great God. I never forgot those 2 days, it blossemed my christian growth, and years later when I learned of computers and homepages; my choices are for a home site name came rather quickly.