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One Summer Evening
Flower Bouquet
  The short simple sentence my mother spoke puzzled me. Somehow I sensed what she was saying meant much more than my ears were hearing or my nine year old mind was capable of understanding.
  Late one August evening my mother, my Aunt Thelma and I were relaxing high on a hill that overlooks the river and mills in the small steel town in which we lived. The day had been a scorcher, but being a typical kid full of energy, I had played though sweating profusely nonstop. The cooler evening air was a welcome relief. It felt good as we stretched out our bare legs on the soft green grass.
  Her quiet words though in question form were more like a statement of fact. She seemed to be talking to herself more than to my aunt or me when she said incredibly,
"How can anyone look into the sky and say there is no God?"
In the moonlight I could see her face was wearing a slight smile and a peaceful expression of assurance. She offered no further explanation. Drawing my dirty knees up toward my chest and wrapping my arms around them, I mimicked her position. Tilting my head backward I looked up into the sky, too. It was a beautiful sight. The bright August moon was almost full and the night was crystal clear. Countless white twinkling stars speckled the black sky.
  The moment passed quickly and soon was forgotten, but her words had tucked themselves away deep in the recesses of my childish mind;
"How can anyone look up into the sky and say there is no God?"
  The memory of that night and her words remained buried for over thirty years. Then one winter day as I looked out my kitchen window and up into the sky, that simple sentence surfaced with impact and I caught a glimpse of what might have been in my mothers heart that night.
Mickey Reed


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