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The joy of the Spirit
   The selfless love to which God calls you and me produces a deep joy in our hearts. This joy or happiness of the Spirit has three dimensions.
   Joy is the assurance of faith that we are acceptable to God and that God's good providences are working on our behalf. This joy is an inner calm produced by confidence in God. It is untouched by outward circumstances and is not diminished by pain and sorrow.
   Sometimes this joy gives us a sense of satisfaction and comfort.
   The highest level of joy is a kind of ectasy or overwhelming happiness. There is no way of describing this-no more than we can say what it is like to be in love. It is simply a graced moment, and may last only a short time. We are cautioned by spiritual leaders not to seek this experience. God gives it when it pleases Him-it is always a by-product of faith.
-Jerry L. Mercer

   My joy today is the beautiful christian banners you will see on this page. They are not only fine examples of computer graphics, but most importantly, they represent the links to Godly Christian homepages.
   God is so good, and I thank Him for such a great tool the internet has become to spread His message; along with the fellowship and learning ability that comes from visiting a "page" on fire for Jesus!

My Fathers House

Truman's Turf

Bethesda Church


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