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Award Page Welcome

Welcome to my list of winners of a Corolla Life Award.
Each site listed shows a personal dedication to the work of the Gospel,
and a true love for our Saviour Jesus Christ. Please give them a visit!

Diamond Icon The Lord's Covenant to us

Diamond Icon My Father's House

Diamond Icon A Touch of the Master's Hand

Diamond Icon P.S.A.L.M

Diamond Icon Theresa's Home Page

Diamond Icon Barbara's Entourage

Diamond Icon Beacon of Hope

Diamond Icon Nicki's Heavenly Haven

Diamond Icon Dave and Debbie's Home Page

Diamond Icon Ed and Peg's Page

Diamond Icon God's Page

Diamond Icon Kylie's New Beginning

Diamond Icon Lamb's Book of Life

Diamond Icon Bethesda Church

Diamond Icon Harvest Cathedral Ministries

Diamond Icon God Rock Chapel

Diamond Icon sda StarGate

Diamond Icon Todays Forecast...Sonshine

Diamond Icon Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament

Diamond Icon Live for Jesus

Diamond Icon Linda's Home Page

Diamond Icon His Love Online

Diamond Icon LilAngel's Piece of Heaven

Diamond Icon Tina's Page

Diamond Icon Katherine Walden

Diamond Icon Pamela's Christian Site

Diamond Icon Inspirational Lyrics

Diamond Icon Brother Rick's Bits & Pieces

Diamond Icon Jesus Saves

Diamond Icon The Gilmer's

Diamond Icon Bible Scripture Truths

Diamond Icon The Chordial Ambassadors

Diamond Icon Lucent Home Page

Diamond Icon Ambridge Christian Center

Diamond Icon Puggy Tu & Kountry Pugs

Diamond Icon Lighthouse Baptist Church

Diamond Icon Heaven's Door

Diamond Icon Immaculate Church of Mary

Diamond Icon Faith in Jesus

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